24 December 2018

The Lost Art with Progmeister UK 23rd Dec 2018

On Christmas Eve Eve, we had a full-on 3 hour Prog Sess with Progmeister UK, enjoy the fun…

Tangerine Dream – Rockoon
The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again (album version)
Talk Talk – Life’s What You Make It (Extended version)
Gu-Ru – Kingdom Within
Big Big Train – Snowfalls
Gentle Giant – In A Glass House
Myrath – Dance
Pinn Drop – Significant Someone
Marillion – If My Heart Were A Ball it Would Roll Uphill
Pete Brown – Houdini Highs
OSI – Guards
Moongarden – Stars And Tears
IQ – The Dark Christmas Suite
Chaos Over Cosmos – Armour Of The Stars (Xenogears)
Presto Ballet – Earthbound
Steve Hackett – Underground Railroad
Magnum – Vigilante (Live)

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