03 June 2019

The Lost Art with Progmeister UK 2nd June 2019

A 3 hour show of EPIC proportions (well. we do have TWO epics on this edition !!)

Nad Sylvan – Meet Your Maker
Rob Cottingham – Catch It If You Can / Out Of Time
David Sancious and Tone – Transformation (The Speed Of Love)
Greenslade – Joie D’Vivre (Live)
The Omnific – The Lifeless Charm
Midnight Sun – Control
Tangerine Dream – Act 2: Baroque
ELP – Benny The Bouncer
The Windmill – The Tree
Rush – Distant Early Warning
Toto – Great Expectations
Gong – Forever Reoccurring
Fate’s Warning – Seven Stars
Anathema – Untouchable Pts 1 and 2

Dedicated to my beautiful wife, Louise. Happy Anniversary love xxxx