08 July 2019

The Lost Art with Progmeister UK 7th July 2019 – US Prog Special

This week’s show features our third look at the state of Prog in the US of A.

Spock’s Beard – Afterthoughts
District 97 – Death By A Thousand Cuts
Cirrus Bay – The North Country
Pattern Seeking Animals – Orphans Of The Universe
Thank You Scientist – Mr. Invisible
Glass Hammer – A Maker Of Crowns
Edensong – Down The Hours
Rayburn – At The Gate
Hymns For The Angels – Corridor Of The Mammoth
Spiral – Death Cult
Groove Epidemic – Through The Loop
Kansas – The Devil Game
Coyote Man – Autonomous
Lazleitt – A Furtive Shelter
Elk Minister – Length Of Doom
Syzygy – Darkfield
Enchant – Tug Of War
Neal Morse Band – Draw The Line