24 July 2017

The Lost Art with The Progmeister 23rd July 2017: Prog In The Park Preview


Michael Quatro – Rockmaninoff’s Prelude In C Blunt Funk

The Gift – Sweeper Of Dreams

Dream Theater – Build Me Up, Break Me Down

White Willow – Nightside Of Eden

Tangerine Dream – Cloudburst Flight

Iamthemorning – Lighthouse

Cloud Over Jupiter – Blak 43

Paradigm Shift – Masquerade

Magnum – On a Storyteller’s Night

IQ – The Wrong Side Of Weird

The Tangent – Slow Rust

Andy Tillison interview (18th July 2017)

Devin Townsend – Stormbending

Wishbone Ash – The King Will Come

Focus – Can’t Believe My Eyes / Hocus Pocus (single edit)