18 September 2017

The Ordeal with DJ Pennell Saturday 16/09/2017


The Ordeal with DJ Pennell

Third instalment of The Ordeal, aired Saturday 8pm 16/09/2017
A show dedicated to NuMetal, Groove Metal and ‘make ya wanna move’ Metal with System Of A Down being this week’s featured artist on ‘341’

Votes are open for next weeks ‘341’, who do you want it to be? Just email me your suggestion at djpennell@midlandsmetalheads.com


  • Giving In by Adema
  • Backwards by Apartment 26
  • Go Away by Cold
  • Take Back Time by Keychain
  • Died In My Sleep by Demon Hunter
  • Insane by Korn
  • Coma America by Amen
  • Stand In Line by Vengha
  • Boiler by Limp Bizkit
  • Thumper by Raging Speedhorn
  • Redneck by Lamb Of God
  • Plastic Planet by G//Z/R
  • Pain by Dry Kill Logic
  • Tremors by Filter
  • Fired by Ultraspank
  • Hold Me Up, Hold Me Down by Suicide Silence
  • Phobos by Koroded
  • Break The Silence by Arkaea
  • Hostage To Heaven by Grip Inc.
  • Suite Pee by System Of A Down
  • Deer Dance by System Of A Down
  • B.Y.O.B. by System Of A Down
  • My Own Sickness by M.A.N.
  • Push It by Static-X