28 November 2016

The Underground November Edition

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The Underground October Edition Of the Underground Only On Midlands Metalheads Radio
Playing All These Awesome Bands

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Band / Tracks


Hour 1

Crossing Rubicon – Violet Carson
Carson Sekol – Fighter
I,Ohms – Terms and Conditions
Keychain – Prime Time
Wolfist – Inside the Fire
Chameleon Technology – Blank Canvas
Biltz – Born to rock
The New Roses – Not From This World
Socks for Cocks – My Saytanic Friend feat. Lawnmower Deth

Hour 2

Bone Fragments – Undeniably Deranged
The Beast of Nod – Hyperanal Hemorrhaging
My Frost – Keepsake
My Brother The Wolf – Candarian Fever
The Offering – Rat King
oceans of time – Trust
SystemHouse33 – Detestable Idolatory

Hour 3

Eyes Of the raven EP Seasons End

01 Cast The First Stone
02 Lessons In Blasphemy
03 Redeemer
04 Sometimes Bruised, Never Broken
05 Bury Your Demons

[divider] Ruins Of Elysium  – Daphne
Celestial Ruin –  Nevermore

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Eyes Of The Raven Details 



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