20 December 2018


After forming in 2017, adding a second guitarist and relentlessly playing up and down the country, ‘Tomorrow Is lost’ are now regulars on the ‘New Wave Of Classic Rock’ gig menu. The 5 Geordies, fronted by Cass King are already winning attention and have been seen opening for Skindred, Inglorious, Wayward Sons and Bigfoot. With Festival appearances also due in 2019, things are happening fast for this bunch. Having previously put out ‘Insane’ and ‘We Are The Lost’ as singles, TIL have now brought out ‘The Shadowman’. It’s their debut EP that comprises of five songs, the aforementioned singles plus three other raucous tracks. 

 It all kicks off with ‘We Are The Lost’ and immediately you are grasped by whatever you hold dear. The dual guitar sound is as fast, clear and precise as many of Joe Mac and Ryan O’Hara’s, 6 string heroes. There are a lot of female fronted bands around at the moment and it goes without saying that not everyone gives them credit when it’s due. Just a few years ago, female singers were heckled to death, however good they were, thankfully I haven’t witnessed it recently. It’s not going to happen to Cass King either, she is a strong vocalist, her range is superb, there is no unbearable shrieking and no high pitched wines that dogs come running to. She can handle anything put before her, doing an admirable job on ‘insane’, a slow and evocative song, Cass musters a truly incredible rendering.  

‘Rapture’ flows with an immense guitar sound, although it is probably the weakest of the five, it still manages to capture your attention. Hot on its heels is ‘No One Knows’ it is fast and furious, a rocker with unshaken Bass from Adam Clements and cementing Drums by Marc Rush. This five strong army are tight, the play is as smooth as a babies arse, amazing when you realise how fresh-faced they are. Also they are still learning the ropes, in regards to joining forces, which is unbelievable.  

 The EP ends on the glorious ’Shadowman’. This is a statement piece from TIL, slowly pushing you into its nerve centre, guitar solos are masterful, vocals penetrate your soul. It’s beautifully crafted and at the finish you are ready to listen to ‘The Shadowman’ all over again. 

Released on December 7th, this EP is already winning ‘best of’ awards. Rightly so, ‘Tomorrow Is Lost’ have captured a massive fan base in their short history and it is ever increasing. I hope a debut album is forthcoming next year to accompany the live appearances. I can’t wait to hear more from them. 


‘Guitar solos are masterful, vocals penetrate your soul’

Highlights – We Are The Lost , Shadowman.

The Shadowman EP can be purchased now, see below –