14 May 2018

UK Shoegaze Band BURNING HOUSE Releases TRACER EP – Name Your Own Price

Southhampton-based Burning House proudly releases their EP, TRACER. Now Available as a Name Your Own Price release via Bandcamp!

Burning House creates walls of sound merging the beautiful and melancholic. Creating a juxtaposition of the abrasive and the delicate, their vocals melt with the music in what can only be described as highly immersive. Fans of Swans, Mogwait and Low are sure to love UK’s Burning House.

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Burning House’s sound in this EP can be summed up as a well-crafted conglomerate of early post-rock sounds in the likes of The Verve, My Bloody Valentine, Chapterhouse, the Jesus and Mary Chain. There elements of pop, too, the kind that make you want to jump around while you headbang at a grunge show. Yeah, these kids are onto something. �- Somewherecold blog