02 April 2019

Until The Light Takes Us 2008- 50 Years of Metal

Not only are we covering album’s for 50 year’s of metal, The station are also covering documentaries and below is one of my personal favourites.


Until The Light Takes Us


The film was directed by Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell. The producer’s moved to Scandinavian country Norway for 2 year’s to get a full insight in to how true Norwegian Black Metal began and speak about it’s dark fall’s of Murder and Suicide.’Until The Light Takes Us’ came out in 2008 with it’s first showing in the USA,later making it’s way to the UK in September 2009. The documentary includes member’s such as,

  • Fenriz



  • Jan Axel
  • Per Ohlin
  • Euronymous



  • Harald
  • Abbath


  • Kristoffer



  • Bard



  • Frost



  • Varg Vikernes- Burzum