09 July 2018

VEGA, Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff 5/7/18

Boiling hot weather? Check. Intimate little rock venue? Check. Band that never fails to impress? Check. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Vega and boy were they good!

The audience had already been entertained by an acoustic set from Birmingham boys Devilfire, who were temporarily down to three members onstage because of cancelled flights – Alex Cooper has an amazing voice and presence, followed by a band I had seen recently, Midnite City. It may well have been the lack of punters at the time but they just weren’t on the money for me for this one. However, like the January sales, people appeared from nowhere when Vega hit the stage and they were not disappointed. They opened with ‘Let’s Have Fun Tonight’ from their new album ‘Only Human’ and in the cauldron that was Fuel they certainly did that. Martin Hutchinson has fitted in seamlessly on drums and the inclusion of Mykey Kew  on guitar fills out the Vega sound even more. With five great albums to choose from, their set was strong and varied and with a frontman like Nick Workman at the helm, everybody was singing along.

We had ‘Wonderland’ and the title track from their 2010 debut ‘Kiss Of Life’, ‘Saviour’ and ‘What The Hell!’ from the 2013 release of the same name, as well as another title track, ‘Stereo Messiah’, from their 2014 release. With each album, progression is guaranteed and 2016’s ‘Who We Are’ gave us some amazing tracks like ‘Explode’, ‘Savin’ Grace’, the awesome ‘White Flag’ and my favourite ‘Every Little Monster’. They are no longer an AOR band, this is pure rock, with Marcus Thurston soloing like a demon one minute, then gradually easing back into the song with some well thought out runs. Don’t forget James Martin on keyboards or brother Tom on bass either – this is a collective that is so strong and it’s great to see them enjoying it so much.

Their latest album, ‘Only Human’, naturally features prominently,with ‘Last Man Standing’, ‘Worth Dying For’ and ‘Fade Away’ encouraging everyone to jump around and the band ratchet up the heat to rival what’s outside. A phenomenal show by a truly gifted bunch of guys playing THEIR music and just like their albums, you just want it to start all over again. Oh and by the way, thanks for the interview Nick! Click below to listen.

All photos courtesy of Lisa Billingham, Billibee Creative