07 July 2018

Vega, Midnite City + Devilfire – 6 July 2018

Vega, Midnite City + Devilfire – 6 July 2018

Live from the Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton

All images copyrighted 2018, Lisa Billingham, Billibee Creative

Wow, wow, wow was it a hot one !!   A sultry evening in sunny Wolverhampton (how often can we say that!) and the Slade Rooms was already steaming in anticipation of tonight’s superb  offering.   Sadly the M6 had its usual lane closures, grid locks and lane swappers and 90 minutes later I found myself having to take public transport just to make the gig !!    That aside it was so worth it.

Devilfire already had the crowd up and running and Midnite City got them hotter and hotter.  By the time Vega came on stage, the crowd were fired up and ready to dance, sing and completely enjoy an awesome set from an awesome band.   These three bands are a totally perfect match and made for rock heaven !

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