18 July 2018

Want To Hear A New Beartooth Track?

Do you want to hear a new Beartooth track? Of course you do otherwise you wouldn’t be here!

Well on reddit a user by the name of ihaveesp today posted a link to Testament54‘s private soundcloud file that just so happened to be the 10th track off the upcoming Beartooth album ‘Disease’. Make sense?

Well if that didn’t make too much sense don’t worry, we’ve got the track for you to listen to here below along with the track listing for the new album!

NEW BEARTOOTH SONG – Infection from r/Beartooth

The good guys of Beartooth have embraced the leaking of their track and actually took to their social media to actually promote this link so fans can witness the track before official release. Caleb Shomo, the vocalist, posted to twitter to actively say that fans should check out the track so that they can sing along on Warped Tour.

Was this a leak planned by the band to help generate buzz for their new album or was it a genuine leak? Either way we’re excited that Beartooth’s new album looks to be coming on the 24th of July!

Check out the live countdown on beartoothband.com