17 July 2018

We Look Back At Some Acts From UK Tech-Fest!

Do you have those festival blues?

It’s been nearly two weeks since UK Tech-Fest and after a good festival weekend we find ourselves looking over highlights of the weekend and reminiscing of the great acts that performed.

So that’s exactly what we thought we’d do here with our run down of some of the top artists from the weekend!

1. Heart Of A Coward – Collapse


2. Voyager – Ghost Mile


3. Tides of Nebula – Home


4. Employed To Serve – I Spend My Days (Wishing Them Away)


5. Loathe – White Hot


6. Ingested – Better Off Dead


7. The Contortionist – Return To Earth


8. Sikth – The Aura


9. The Acacia Strain – The Hills Have eyes


10. Betraying The Martyrs – The Resilient


Who were your favourite acts of the weekend? Let us know!