18 July 2018

Witchingseason- Melancholy Disco

Having broken onto the scene last year and gaining a lot of mainstream attention, Witchingseason have returned with brand new single, Melancholy Disco. A laid back, rumbling alt. rock jam that will inevitably suck you in.

The introductory bass riff underpins the entire song, while it is a cool little riff it’s not quite solid enough to carry an entire song. By about the second minute you’re about ready for the bass to do something different from the riff or the pedal that underlines the chorus. It’s about this point when the track breaks down into a quieter section that is rather under-developed. Held for a bit longer it could have easily become an interesting, floaty pseudo-ambient passage. The chorus lacks a significant vocal hook, though the melody is interesting it doesn’t quite stick in the brain. The vocal tone becomes quite hypnotic throughout, which is one of the better qualities of the track. The production on the track is the perfect balance of lo-fi and crystal clear, never really robbing the band of their edge, though I would like the snare to crack a bit more.

All in all Melancholy Disco is an interesting track with huge future potential. If the rest of Witchingseason’s debut is as good as this song, the band have positioned themselves well for future growth and development if more mainstream outlets continue their support for the band, if not they should, at the very least, become underground darlings.



Press release can be found here.