26 March 2019
Wolf, Primitai, Shrapnel@Academy 3, Manchester

Wolf, Primitai, Shrapnel@Academy 3, Manchester, 24-03-2019

Wolf, Primitai, Shrapnel@Academy 3, Manchester: Gallery

With spring just arriving in the UK, Sweden’s heavy metal giants Wolf headed south to begin their tour of the UK, starting with Hammerfest in Prestatyn and tonight is the Manchester leg, playing at the Academy 3 with support from Norwich boys Shrapnel and the mighty Primitai.

Celebrating 10 years of busting eardrums, Trash Metal band Shrapnel opened the evening with a lot of hair windmilling and some serious guitar solos from Nathan Sadd and some amazing vocals from Jae Hadley. It was very quiet for a Sunday night but as metal fans started to arrive, the crowd showed their love for Shrapnel with fist pumping and head banging to tunes like, Red Terror, Virus and Eternal War and closing their set with Warhead.

As Primitai took to the stage the crowd were ready for more metal and these guys ready did deliver, with some fantastic vocals from Guy, that wouldn’t be out of place in some of the great arenas. Guy and the lads worked very hard to please the crowd with sing-alongs and clapping, playing some of their amazing portfolio of tunes from Line of Fire to their final song Scream When You See Me

This will be my third encounter with Wolf and not seeing them for a good 4 years has been hell, so I have been looking forward to this moment for a long time and always look forward to photographing them, as they put on an amazing show and really great to photograph, but that aside Niklas Stålvind’s fierce vocals shook the Academy to its foundations, with some of my favourite tunes like, Skull Crusher, Full Moon Possession, and finishing the evening with the awesome Shark Attack. Well I only hope it’s not 4 years till we next see Wolf, cos they have been missed


  1. Intro/Night Stalker
  2. Skull Crusher
  3. The Bite
  4. My Demon
  5. Intro/Evil Star
  6. Full Moon Possession
  7. Voodoo
  8. Midnight Hour
  9. K141 Kursk
  10. Hail Caesar
  11. I Will Kill Again
  12. Venom
  13. Genocide
  14. Intro/Speed On
  15. Intro/Overture in C Shark
  16. Shark Attack